Localize Firefox G4 build

I downloaded Firefox 1.5 build for G4 processors and it seems to work faster than the official build. Since I’m native finnish speaker I wanted to have the browser in finnish like the official 1.5 build. Beatnikpad has instructions for localizing Firefox, but I couldn’t find any .xpi files anywhere from Firefox ftp-server. No problem, after some trial and error I got Firefox 1.5 DeerPark localized, here’s how:

  1. Get Firefox G4 build from Beatnikpad and copy the program to your applications -folder
  2. Get official Firefox build for your language from Firefox home
  3. Click both apps with right mouse button (or ctrl-click with left/only one), select ”Show package contents”
  4. Copy Contents/resources/[your language code].lproj from official build to same folder on G4 build
  5. Copy Contents/MacOS/chrome/[your language code].jar and [your lang code].manifest to same folder on G4 build
  6. Edit Contents/MacOS/defaults/pref/firefox-l10n.js and change the general.useragent.locale to whatever [your language code] is
  7. Start your new G4 build and hope for the best
  8. Additionally you should change language preferences from Firefox to prefer pages in your language

A word of warning: I don’t really know how this should have been done, I just looked for locale settings and files and copied the stuff from the original native language build. So this might not work as expected. It works fine for me with finnish. Let me know if you encounter any problems.

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  1. Dear milkiway ,

    i want to localize the mozila firefox into my country’s languge,Amharic(Ethiopian Language). so can you please help me geting me the source codes of mozilla firefox?

    and tell me what i have to do clearly.


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